The South Texas Hunter/Jumper Association was begun in 2006 as an alternative approach to preparing for the higher level USEF shows. Divisions have been set up to replicate the format you would see at that caliber of a show, with emphasis on equitation, presentation, and professionalism. The purpose of STHJA is to offer exhibitors of all levels the opportunity to learn and show at quality horse shows. The organization is designed for both hunters and jumpers alike and offers equitation and medal classes for junior and adult amateur riders. STHJA uses the current USEF format and Language to provide exhibitors a solid educational tool whether they are preparing for upper level competition or wish to show at a quality local level.

Lane’s End Hunters/Jumpers
24706 FM 2978
Tomball, TX

Starting with the February 22-23, 2014 show, we will be running Hunters on BOTH Saturday and Sunday.  The schedule for the rings will remain the same for both days.  Jumpers will continue to begin at 10:00 AM both days, but will be held in the grass field.

Click here to view the PDF of the 2014 Entry Form.

Send entries to: lanesendtx@gmail.com

A reminder that we will be adding another show to our schedule. The Edgebrook Equestrian Center one-day show will be held on Sunday, May 25 beginning at 8:00 AM. Directions and a map will follow soon. The points accrued will count towards the Year-End awards. See you then.

The 3rd place through 6th place awards for the Year End Points are as follows:

3rd – Emma Anderson – 80.50 Points
4th – Isabella Firkner – 79 Points
5th – Jonah Campbell – 59.50 Points
6th – Madison Sears – 48 Points

3rd – Elizabeth Wallace – 105 Points
4th – Hailey Peiper – 76 Points
5th – Tita Curtin – 73 Points
6th – Emily Navjar – 68.50 Points

3rd – Maddie Huber – 73 Points
4th – Grace Thompson – 61 Points
5th – Jasper Gregory – 59 Points
6th – Alexandra Karker – 56 Points

3rd – Payton Bergeron – 108.50 Points
4th – Grace Thompson – 102.50 Points
5th – Sarah Evans – 65.0 Points
6th – McKenzie Legendre – 61.50 Points

3rd – Gala – Teri Bludworth – 94 Points
4th – Mac – Jenna Johnson – 56 Points
5th – Caliente Rose – Malena Lopez – 50.50 Points
6th – Chandler Bing – Abby Jacks – 46 Points

3rd – Absolute – Taylor Reiner – 46 Points
4th – Cisco – Darian Toland – 34 Points
5th – Corazon – Carly Diekhoff – 32.50 Points
6th – Dheacon – Madeleine Midgett – 31 Points

3rd – Sheza Windy Feature – Libby Brown – 77.50 Points
4th – Cornet’s Finale – Havilande Hendrix – 75.50 Points
5th – Sunny Delight – Sarabeth Erdner – 68.50
6th – P> S> I Love You – Alie Lancove – 67.50


We are posting the Champion and Reserve Champions for 2013. Placings from 3rd through 6th will follow in a few days. CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners. As a reminder, in order to qualify for Year End Awards, all riders must have shown at least 3 times during the show season.

Champion – Ryleigh Harmon – 243 Points
Reserve Champion – Taylor Bielamowicz – 85.50 Points

Champion – Jamison Patillo – 186.50
Reserve Champion – Jordan Patillo – 156.50

Champion – Rebecca Young – 194 Points
Reserve Champion – Linda McCoy – 149 Points

Champion – Charlie Champenois – 121.50
Reserve Champion – Brooke Baldwin – 80 Points

Champion – Tatum Kennedy-Elam – 253 Points
Reserve Champion – Emily Navjar – 110.50 Points

Champion – Kathy McChesney – 131 Points
Reserve Champion – Suzy Romoser – 116 Points

Champion – Creedence – Zainab Sherwani – 258.50 Points
Reserve Champion – Prince Charming – Lauren McKenzie – 89 Points

Champion – Hidden Treasure – McKenna Mulinix – 223.50
Reserve Champion – Lyrical Melody – Allie Stachowiak – 115 Points

Champion – Gold Chimes – Teri Bludworth
Reserve Champion – Celebrity – Emily Fischer

Champion – A Lil Bit Of Sassy – Krystal Cardinal – 213 Points
Reserve Champion – Iatan – Hannah Clark – 97 Points

Champion – Prince Charming aka Toad – Sarah Steiner – 160.50 Points
Reserve Champion – What’s Meant to Be – Krystal Cardinal – 131 Points

A chilly “Hello” to everyone. Unfortunately, due to the projected rain, ice and really cold temperatures we have been forced to CANCEL the Year-End Finals show scheduled for this weekend-December 7-8, 2013. I waited until the last possible minute on the assumption that perhaps the weatherman may be wrong, but faced with precipitation and gusty North winds the decision was made for me. The upcoming holdays are also preventing us from rescheduling the show. I will take the updated points as of the previous show in November and base the Champion, Reserve Champion and all other placings on the accrued points at that show. If someone is within 3-10 points of a Championship, then in all likelihood I will award 2 Champions and/or Reserve Champions. It seems to be the only fair way of finishing the season. I want to personally thank everyone-riders, trainers, and parents-for having a very successful year and look forward to the 2014 show season. The schedule of shows is posted elsewhere on the website. Take care and have a VERY JOYOUS, HEALTHY, AND HAPPY HOLIDAY. See you next year. Kindest Regards, Bill Roberts

Just a reminder–our Year-End Finals Show will be held on December 7-8 at Lane’s End. You must ride in the final show to place in the year end awards. However, the show is not restricted to riders seeking final placements. Once again, Dumas’ Tacos will be catering the meal on Sunday, December 8. The meal is open to all competitors, trainers, and family members. Thanks for a great show year, and see you all on December 7-8. The 2014 show calendar is posted on the website.

The tentative 2014 schedule is now available. The dates follow:

January 25-26 Winter I

February 22-23 Winter II

March 15-16 Path to Pin Oak

April 12-13 April Showers

May 17-18 May Flowers

June 7-8 Summer I

July 6 Independence Classic

September 13-14 Back to School

October 4-5 Autumn Breeze

November 1-2 Harvest Home

December 6-7 Year-End Finals

The show this weekend looks to be really nice. In spite of the large amount or rain we received, our arenas and footing are in great shape. The weather is supposed to be in the mid 70′s and sunny. See you all on Sunday, November 3rd.