Hello to everyone from Prague.  I’ll soon be in Magnolia preparing for our inaugural show at Has Dos Cavallieros on September 16-17.  I was privileged to be able to attend the Czech National Championships held in Pribram at the largest Equestrian Center in Central Europe.  While there, I secured several additional sponsorships for the upcoming season; Including Mr. Robert Kennedy, Brookside Pine Farm and Mr. Berry Porter, The Czech Equestrian Team, Komercni Banka, Prague Shakespeare Company s.r.o., CEO Guy Roberts and Jessica Roberts, Dance and Jump Tack Store, Terpis Dance Company, LLC., CEO Chloe Roberts, and Dobraslav Kubista Sporthorses,  I’m also pleased to announce that the winners of the upcoming $1000 Jumper Classic at Haras Dos Cavallieros on Saturday, September 16 and the $1000 Hunter Derby on Sunday, September 17, will each win a custom made saddle from an exclusive saddlery in Argentina who custom makes all of the saddles that Tony Font rides to victory in. Sign up for either the Classic or the Derby before the fields get too big for additional entries. Here’s to a great show!!  See you all soon.  Bill Roberts