South Texas Final Show Season – 2017

After 15 years of great success, the South Texas Hunter Jumper Association is being dissolved.  It is with unbounded gratitude and heartfelt thanks that this is being initiated. Due to health concerns and increased costs, Bill Roberts has come to the difficult decision to close the Association.  You will never know how much I personally enjoyed managing, designing courses for, and participating as a trainer in the shows for the last fifteen years.   I would also like to thank the owners of Haras Dos Cavallieros for their graciousness during the September and October 2017 shows.  We may reopen at a new venue in the Spring of 2018.  I will keep you posted as to any developments and happenings.  Again, my sincere thanks for all the years that everyone so kindly took part in our shows.  The year end awards for 2017 will be calculated in the next few weeks and the results posted on this website.  The points will be final as of the October 2017 show.  Best of luck to all riders, trainers, and parents.  Kindest regards,  Bill